NO Dieting... Energy Medicine Transformation For Weight Loss

  21 Day Neural Physiology Reset For Weight Loss

  21 Day Neuro-Metabolic Reset for Weight Release

Freeing You From the Emotional Weight That’s Hijacked Your Metabolism...

Energetic Healing for the Emotional Body as well as Healing for the Endocrine System/Hormones, the Amygdala, Hypothalamus & MORE... That ALL Contribute to Cravings, Overeating & Weight Gain... 

Powerful Daily Audio Sessions!

21 Daily “Neuro-Metabolic” Audio Sessions to free your soul - and your metabolism...

Already Recorded & Waiting For YOU

"Brilliance and continued gratitude that you, Jennifer, bring your genius to life for all of US. This online class entrains the organs, and systems of my/our bodies to be whole, healthy, joyful and free in divinely intended orchestration. I now KNOW the amazing beauty of the internal workings of my body. My senses are onboard as never before. I have lost pounds, inches and thickness. It feels better than anything could taste. Thank you from every cell in my being."

Be Part of A Grand "Neural Physiology Reset Weight Loss" Experiment & Save HUGE $$$

21 DAYS: Each Day Experience Healing Journeys or Attunements, or Spontaneous Transformation Sessions & MORE...
For 21 Days each day you will access a powerful set of (already recorded); healing journeys, Spontaneous Transformation Sessions, attunements, sound vibration healings, and many other Energy Medicine tools here to support a new way of turning on the good genes turning off the "bad ones, resetting and switching on the hormones, creating new neural pathways, and changing the habitual beliefs that have made it difficult to lose weight.
RESET: Shift The Neural Physiology & Heal the Part of The Brain Influencing Cravings, Satiation, and Fat Release  
The intention of this program is to focus on many aspects of the neural physiology of the brain. That also means addressing the deep seated unconscious beliefs, and turning back on the endocrine system the hormones, that enables a releases of the hormones in the fat (that keep it holding on). AND ensuring the neural chemistry is working better. Plus you'll be creating new weight set points and create vibrational support for release.
EXPERIMENT: Join a Powerful Experiment to Heal the Underlying Causes of Holding Weight (HUGE DISCOUNT)
You're invited on a potent and sacred 21-Day journey to dive in to deep cleansing, healing, and emotional clearing, shifting the mind into a new way of experiencing weight loss. There are a lot of mechanics out there for weight loss, but not a lot focused on resetting the set point through releasing old beliefs & emotions and shifting the frequencies which is her specialty... PLUS join in at a huge discount for this grand experiment.

From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean:

Right around my 45 birthday I gained 25 pounds without changing my diet.

Then the weight kept coming on.

Maybe this is like you too?

I've tried a bunch of things in the vein of "doing to get a result" like; Keto diets, The Plant Paradigm diet, Fodmap diet, and more, with some weight loss, but it all came back and wasn't really sustainable.
At this stage I pretty much know what I need to "do," you know; lower calories, more veggies, move my body... that part is just math.

But I have come to understand that there seems to be a lot working against me (and against you) to release these extra pounds.

And "seems to be" is an important distinction... because I believe (and I have a TON of evidence) that we can shift the neural physiology --the brain-- by using vibrational strategies and energy medicine.

And I'm so committed to use energy medicine to establish a weight loss pattern and new neural pathways, that I've created this experiment that you now have the opportunity to join today.


Let's look at what recent research has discovered in the traditional sciences...

There is a hormone that is found in fat cells called leptin that is a big culprit in the inability to lose weight.

Leptin is a hormone predominantly made by adipose cells (fat cells... yes your fat creates hormones).

This hormone works with the hypothalamus to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger, which in turn diminishes fat storage in adipocytes.

Its main role is to regulate fat storage and how many calories you eat and burn, AND it also determines the "weight and metabolism set point." 

This set point is the point at which your body will no longer lose weight (and this set point can be very high on the scales).

Leptin can get into a state of imbalance for various reasons, establishing a high (as in heavy) set point, making it almost impossible to lose weight.

People who have trouble losing weight often have low levels of leptin, dysfunction in their hypothalamus, issues with other hormones and chemistry, challenges with  blood sugar handling and the pancreas and more.

All of which makes your brain say "I'm hungry" when you don't require the calories.


Now what I have personally experienced working with thousands of souls over my 30+ years as a healer...

And often the missing ingredient to real true and permanent transformation includes a few things, especially when it comes to the body and any kind of dis-ease...
  • Shifting the repressed emotions that are held in the unconscious from past traumas. 
  • Releasing the cellular memory of ancestral challenges, gene dysfunction, and childhood upsets.
  • Becoming aware of, and releasing, the unconscious limiting beliefs that influence flow of energy and overall health.
  • ​Understanding and unwinding the coping mechanisms that are used for survival but slow down the energy, the immune system and flow in life.
As I have researched and played with the many different solutions to weight loss, very few of them address these bullet points found above.

And these are profoundly important steps to transformation, and come from moving into the internal, and exploring the vibrational energy.

Rarely if ever is weight loss addressed from the perspective of; childhood trauma, past lives, ancestry and DNA cellular memory, emotional impact on neural physiology, and energy medicine.

And frankly it is not even something I have done for myself in my own weight loss journey! 

We often teach what we most need, right?!?

So the 21 Day program I am offering here, is solely focused on deep emotional release, vibrational healing and creating new neural pathways of soul-truths that finally shift the old held energies...

And release the weight!

AND even through you may have done a ton of energy medicine or vibrational and spiritual healing... 

Having the full attention and intention completely focused on the one challenge, in this case weight loss, makes THE difference in the outcome.
Emotional Release & Energy Healing is NEEDED!
Imagine in 21 Days you finally understand WHY you haven't been able to loss the weight.

AND now you’ve been able to unwind, clear and heal any old beliefs, repressed emotions, held cellular memories, and past life karma that has kept the weight on.

Working with, healing and unwinding the neural physiology of what is holding onto the weight using energy medicine is the key.

The processes are absolutely proven, and the experiment I'd like for you to take with me is to play with these methodologies on weight loss specifically.

And let's prove together that this has been the missing piece all along.
The "experiment" part of this means...
The healing techniques, journeys, vibrational upgrades, sound vibrations, attunements et all  found in this series are guaranteed to create REAL change.

However they have rarely been applied to straight up weight loss.

Thus this is why it is a grand experiment, meaning the outcome is somewhat unknown.

As a results I am charging a ROCK BOTTOM pricing for this program.

I have NEVER charged so little for a 21 Day program.

AND know that when it works I will be re-releasing and promoting it later this summer at the regular pricing models (of around $297).
That's all worth well over $597... yet you pay pennies on the dollar!

OVER 48,000 Pounds of Excess Weight Have Been Released Lost So Far!

The Neural Sciences Agree...

21 Days of DAILY Practice Creates New Habits of REAL Change!

Research has proven that if you do something for 21 days it initiates a neural pathway groove for that new habit.

It takes another 40 days or so for the groove of habit to become automatic.

However, now you can accelerate this whole process by adding in deep, energy increasing, and vibrational changing practices everyday.

THEN, it's like you've accelerated it to 90 days worth of neural groove-making patterns of change in just 21 days.

It's why my 21 Day programs are so successful... the energy work accelerates the change profoundly.

These 21 days coupled with enhanced energy work introduces new patterns, new beliefs, new ways of looking at things and new frequencies, that create REAL RESULTS.

All of this is here in this case to support a whole new foundation of energy for real and permanent weight loss.

RARE OPPORTUNITY: Explore the Vibrational Healing Of Weight Through Neural Physiology & Energy Medicine

There is some amazing new science out about weight loss and in particular why it's not only hard to lose the weight, but to keep it off.

The following is some insight from the Harvard Study about the Biggest Loser Contestants... 

"In a 2016 study published in the journal Obesity, researchers followed 14 contestants during and after one season of the show. Contestants experienced drastic weight loss, losing an average of more than a hundred pounds each. By the final weigh-in, contestants' leptin levels had plummeted, so that they had very little of the hormone, rendering them constantly hungry. They also had a slow metabolism. In other words, their thyroid function—which governs metabolism and many other bodily functions—had slowed.

Over the following six years, the combined effects of these hormonal changes conspired to make the contestants regain much, if not all, of the weight they'd lost. But the truly shocking part was that their leptin and metabolism levels never rebounded to what they had been before the show. In fact, the more weight a contestant lost, the worse his or her slow metabolism became. This explains why weight regain was inevitable, even though they were eating less food than ever."

You're About To Circumvent All This...

You are about to circumvent all the reasons why your body's chemistry and hormones are "against you" and instead create a whole new foundation for how it all works.

You will be changing the "set point" of weight and metabolism that your body strives to maintain through vibrational healing each day engraining in the new energy habits through the 21 Days.

You will leverage the energy medicine through the techniques and processes offered to shift things in a whole different way than is possible through normal dietary means.

Exciting, right?

And as you bring clear conscious attention to shifting the neural physiology using energy medicine, it creates a whole new paradigm spiritually, mentally and physiologically to release the weight...

What You’ll Receive in These 21-Days
Each day for 21 straight days you will experience a powerful momentum of deep internal changes to establish a habit of sustainable weight loss.

Reset Your Metabolism, Your Neural Physiology As You Release Emotional Upset..

  • You are about to stand in a new confidence in your ability to identify, heal and shift old beliefs that have lead to weight gain and weight holding
  • ​Discover a sense of ease in your new habits of daily sustainable behaviors that support your body and health
  • ​You will gain a senses of effortless in creating renewed and consistent strategies for maintaining good nutrition that works for YOU, movement that is fun... in others word this will no longer seem impossible
  • ​Once the unconscious survival mechanics have shifted, and the new neural pathways are set... you will now KNOW, undeniably, this is actually possible, and you'll witness the evidence of real permanent weight loss.
"These sessions have been so extraordinary and life changing words just can't fully describe their effect on me. Each day, I am brought to a feeling place I haven't been before that bring insights, information and emotions that have been locked up for decades. Oceans of emotion and a shift from brain-centered living to heart-centered feeling. It's been scary, freeing, and so much, much, more.... deep changes are happening. I will continue on with these sessions because my life depends doing just that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unbelievably healing gift to us all!!!"

Your 21 Days Of Neuro-Metabolic Reset For Weight Loss Will Include...

OVER 12,000 Pounds of Excess Weight Have Been Released Lost So Far!

Unwind Old Unconscious Beliefs & Behaviors That's "Holding" The Weight

You will experience my renowned and popular global healing phenomenon that is the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STTT) when appropriate through the 21 Day Program.

In this instance exclusively applied to weight loss and shifting the neurology for weight loss.

This special healing technique is proven to go to the core issues, beliefs and resulting coping mechanisms and behaviors and heal and clear them.

It creates a whole new energy and vibrational matrix, which ensures deep release establishing permanent change.

Reset Your "Set Point" Metabolism & Weight

The set point theory suggests that your weight may go up or down temporarily but will ultimately return to its normal set range. 

This signaling system is found in the hypothalamus working with the hormones in the fat cells, and was designed to ensure survival in cases of starvation.

You will experience energetic medicine, STT, sound vibration, attunements and journeys to shift this set point to support rapid accelerated weight loss to the healthiest level for you at this time.

NO Dieting!!!

This program is focused on energy healing, and changing the vibrational state of the systems in your body that manage your weight... you will NOT be on a diet in this program!

Through clearing of ancestral DNA, emotional frequency transformation of childhood upsets, clearing cellular memory from different aspects of the neural physiology you will unwind and heal.

So that now you automatically reach for the healthiest choice for your body... because you are not only in touch with your body in a deeper way but it is naturally full faster, cravings lessen, and new neural pathways of balance are established. 

Enhanced Consciousness - Automatically Shift Old Behaviors

"Shining the light of consciousness" is a powerful practice that creates a true awakening of whatever you are paying attention to, resulting in deep transformation.

During this series you will be activated into consistently shining the light on the old ways of being, resulting in instant new behaviors effortlessly occurring. 

You will clearly see the old patterns that have been held in place and now easily shifted through this subtle but powerful energetic happening.

Energy Medicine Applied to Weight Loss

While the practicals of losing weight; eating healthy nutritional food and moving your body are important... 

Part of the experiment here is to prove through these 21 days that there is a HUGE missing piece to weight loss; energy medicine and vibrational emotional healing.

You are about to experience a profound and important healing journey that supports the cells, the neurological infrastructure, the emotional healing to ensure that all systems are a go for balanced harmonious weight loss.

You energy medicine practices will include,  Energy Attunements, sound vibration therapies, the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), healing shamanic journeys, quieting the mind, enhancing the zero point in your field, breathing exercises and more!

Reducing Stress & Inflammation

In these stressful extreme times, deep stressors often lead to inflammation, bloating and retaining water as well as behaviors that increase weight.

Through this program you will experience daily sessions that will markedly decrease your daily stress.

Through these daily deeply healing sessions you will be resetting the stress response, and give you practices you will be able to apply long after this program is over to maintain a stress free and therefore inflammation reduces environment.

Changing the Neural Physiology to Support Permanent Weight Loss

The grand experiment of this course is to actually shift the Neural Physiology that is stuck in an old  energetic pattern creating a high weight and low metabolism set point... making it difficult at best to lose weight.

You'll be shifting the DNA and turning on the "good" genes while turning off the "bad genes, healing the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the chakras, the vegas nerve, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the amygdala, the facia, the fat cells, the pancreas and insulin response, the metabolism, the endocrine system and hormones (especially leptin in the fat cells), the muscles (getting them to fire and build better)... well you get the idea, right?

Then you will also be addressing emotional release which is the culprit behind any and all dis-ease. So you will be releasing and unwinding the old patterns with mother and father, past life and karma, ancestral, childhood trauma, all of which may be contributing to weight gain and holding.

All of these will in turn support the powerful and real creation of new neural pathways of possibility, flow, allowing, self compassion, self healing, self care and ultimately releasing the weight and reseting the metabolism and and weight set points.

Participant Experiences...

This Could Be YOU...

"My body is opening up miraculously on a physical level. Never had this much feeling in my muscles before. Feeling connection to these sessions. Deepest gratitude."
"In the past, when I decided to change my eating, I would be hungry all the time. Thanks for not making this about "No." I have noticed that many foods are not even tasting the same as they used to, so it is easy to let it go of those foods."
"I feel like this is just the beginning for me! At this healing for years - now opened to so much more self love and awareness - diving to the deeper levels that I think I was avoiding and denying. I now have the support I need to face this deep healing - so much love to you."
"I am finding that the program is fine tuning the choices of food that I want to eat. I had a friend's husband comment that I was eating "like a bird" because I only ate half of a sandwich and saved the other half for lunch the next day. I did feel satisfied after half of the sandwich."
"When I was listening yesterday and you were talking about how this program naturally leads to making better choices, it clicked that it was the first day I haven’t had an afternoon snack. After our session the other day with the pineal when I went to drink something I previously had to force down, and now and it tasted good. Subtle but important changes, thank you!"
"I can feel now how clear the space is around food and my body like all the gravel and muck has been cleared and I can see and feel clearly. My body image is shifting. My mind keeps saying you’re thinner than you think and I can actually feel that. I’ve been catching myself in the mirror and my mind is no longer immediately commenting fat instead I’m noticing normal and shapely and strong."
"My weight is a symptom of the childhood traumas I lived through but have not been able to resolve even though I have tried many different types of healing and personal growth. Your program has changed my life!!! I know that as I continue to participate in your program I am becoming whole and the symptom of excess weight will resolve itself, along with other symptoms. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!"
"I have been profoundly shifted/changed! I’m at peace within myself on another level. I have the tools to continue to support myself, nurture and love myself! I’m no longer stuck in my old beliefs, emotions, experience and old pain. I have freed stuck energy that went to anger and frustration over weight and why. It’s as if I walked away from the old into the new! This course and of course yourself has been a great gift! Blessings to you always! "
"This was indeed a very powerful session. Childhood memories of abuse around food came up and it felt wonderful for the little one to be able to fully express and release. To allow the little one to freely express felt like the missing link in the chain has now been broken wide open!"
"Dear Jennifer I am filled with deepest gratitude. You have helped me discover how incredibly precious and Divine my body is. I am filled with compassion and gratitude for it. I don't ever want to hurt it by putting anything into it that could hurt it in any way. Thank you so much."
"I am appreciating and enjoying my reflection in the mirror, scars and stretch marks and all. I have been wearing clothes I have avoided because I didn't like the way they looked on me and am loving them. My husband has noticed and asked why I am dressing so sexy."
"I know this is working. My inflammation and IBS have calmed down. I'm less stressed and even though I make of healthy choices I'm finding that some of the fun foods I used to allow myself I don't want. I try to get a feel of things the taste of them and I just have no desire!!! You Rock!!!"
"What a journey ! Calm, rocky, thought provoking, emotional and amazing. Thank you Jennifer"
"Thank you for creating this and sharing your service and heart with us. I know all I have done and experienced in my life so far has brought me to this moment and this class. I love you!"
"I am incredibly grateful for these sessions and your teachings. The changes were so subtle each day, but it's been incredible. The space you create for us all was full of vibration and light."
"Thank you so much! I have lost pounds, and learned to be more conscious of the quality and quantity of food that I eat. I feel more empowered to make decisions that are good for me. What a gift!"
"Jennifer! I am SO GRATEFUL to YOU!! This journey has been exquisite!"
"Jennifer you truly rock!!! I had been working on losing weight on this same line of thought for some time now but there was just a key part missing. Through your program I was able to get to it."
"This is so excellent. My questions have been answered and I have gotten so much more that was quite unanticipated. I am feeling lightness, peace and an excitement about the future. Just being. Thank you so very much for you being you and giving us this opportunity
"I'm living more in the moment and finding great joy in random active adventures. Noticing these rekindled desires to frolic and play."

I've Tried EVERYTHING, It Doesn't Feel Possible...

Up until now you may have had a conscious (and likely an unconscious thought) that; "weight loss is not possible for me."

Let me share a story about this very belief that in turn prompted this program...

I attended a lecture where the speaker was the director of the famous "X-Prize," which was an engineering contest encouraging participants to create a new kind of space travel... this resulted in several companies now going to space!

Since then they have created prizes for seeming impossible inventions like cleaning up oil spills, cleaning up ocean pollution and stopping wildfires... essentially prompting and inciting the impossible into the possible.

He spoke about how the prize was established from what happened with the original "moon shot." 

How in 1960 when president Kennedy announced going  to the moon, there was zero technology that could accomplish this, it all had to be invented out of thin air.

Essentially Kennedy tasked NASA with the absolute impossible; build something that will take us to the moon and back.

And what happened next, as you know is they made the impossible, possible.

Now the lecturer then turned the tables on us and asked; "What is your moonshot? What in your life seems insurmountable? What seems impossible" and I realized in that moment, that weight loss seemed to be my impossible moonshot.

Of course it's not impossible, but that moment revealed a deep seated belief that is "seemed" impossible, and I realized that I had created a lot of evidence in my reality to claim that.

That is the power of beliefs, that then become real because you believe them...

So if you are like me and have a belief that you have tried everything, and this seems an impossible lost cause.

Or maybe, right in this moment you are having that "ah ha" moment of; "I didn't know that I believed it was impossible." 

Then, I suspect that the prompt from my guides to create this program came from your guides to support you and I into moving from "it's impossible to "i'm-possible."

AND, this series delivering healing, support and creating new behaviors and habits while shifting the fundamental neural physiology is what you have been asking and praying for.

What if it really is possible? 

And together you and I are going to go for it into this amazing experiment.
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The AMAZING Keri Fulmore is joing us for 2 BONUS SESSIONS in ADDITION to the 21 Days of daily Energy Medicine healing sessions.

Keri is a powerful Medical Intitutive and she wil be hosting 2 important bonus sessions bringing her expertise and powerful processes for weight loss around understanding of the neural physiology of weight gain and holding, how and why celullar memory is happening and more.

These 2 bonus sessions include:
  • Session 1 Bonus - Your Start Point, Day Before Day 1 of 21: The Physiology of the Fat Brain Barrier, where Keri will share the neural physiology of the set points of weight and metabolism to establish a powerful knowledge base... so you can deeply understand what you will be shifting in our 21 days together.
  • Session 2 Bonus: The Anatomy of Hunger & Cravings, you will clearly understand why you have been having such a challenge with cravings and hunger... this will be a game changer!

PLUS a 3rd BONUS - Sound Vibration Healing!

Jennifer, the facilitator of, and healer for, this is an internationally renowned sound vibration healer. 

As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger through the new patterns are strengthened through potent and sacred sound healing.

Course Protocol...

You will be enrolled in this 21 Day program designed to reset your neural physiology, shift your emotional body and release old patterns that have contributed in holding the weight.

The protocol is to dive in EACH DAY for 21 straight days. It's ok if you miss one here and there (I get it life can intervene that is TOTALLY FINE, ok?). Just get right back to it and then keep going.

Trust the pace at which your universe is having you go through these healing journeys, sound vibration, attunements and healing sessions. 

You can also use your intuition in any given moment of need in the future to choose the specific session your soul requires.

Remember it's already recorded and waiting for you, and these amazing audios, downloads and transcripts are available indefinitely. Many do this program consecutively 3 or 4 times in a row,

Timing: each session of the 21 days are approximately 45 minutes to allow for initial cognitive conversation then the daily healing process (STT, Sound Vibration Attunements, Healing Journeys and more). Bonus sessions are approximately 90 minutes.

You'll be Invested In: 21 Days of Neural Physiology Reset For Weight Loss recordings, 3 BONUS Sessions, 3-hour Heal-a-thon Q&A replay recordings, energetic attunements, sound vibration therapies, shamanic healing journeys, cognitive understanding and applications and some surprises you'll discover along the way.
SAVE HUGE MONEY TOO - You win BIG Because it's an Experiment...
Because this is an experiment I am keeping the rate at a HUGELY discount level... pennies on the dollar.

Only $47!

 This is for this powerful already recorded course, and this is an "experiment" price!
  • 21 Days of Daily Resetting the Neural Physiology of Weight Loss : Each day, for 21 Straight days, you will join me and a powerful group of like minds all set on this one intention of shifting the physiological and emotional landscape for weight loss. 
  • ​Layering In the Transformation: Neural science has proven that we are creating new habits within 21 days... and you will now leverage vibrational medicine to accelerate and lock in new your habits of thinking and feeling.
  •  **3 BONUS SESSIONS**:  Amazing medical intuitive Keri Fulmore will join in for 2 special bonus sessions offering insights on the actual neural physiology that will open the energy healing during the 21 Days. AND a HUGE 3rd bonus is sound vibration with Jennifer... it's a resetting through sound concert, and it alone would be worth the whole course.
  • ​POWERFUL EXTENDED **HEAL-A-THON** for Weight Loss: After the 21 Days is complete you will want to access an extended 3-hour event (already recorded and waiting for you). You will be able to experience powerful new insights that came from remarkable questions, I promise your questions will be answered to just by listening. This puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program.
  • Spontaneous Transformation Technique: When needed you will experience the remarkable Spontaneous Transformation Technique to assist you in going to the core of past trauma that is contributing to holding the weight and unwind and release it.
  • Shamanic Healing Journeys: Jennifer's healing journeys are renowned for create deep and profound shifts and opening new neural pathways of being... get ready to discover a whole new you through these journeys
  • Receive Special "Attunements:" Jennifer is famous for these and how powerfully they work... it's like magic. These are like a Reiki Attunement initiations, in that it acts like an energetic key activating and awakening your dormant energies waiting to reset your metabolism.
  • ​Experience Deeply Healing ​Sound Vibration: Jennifer is a renowned sound vibration healer. As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger as the new patterns are strengthened through sound healing.
  • Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: as soon as the sessions are recorded you will receive access to Mp3 audio downloads in your Listening Salon.
  • ​Recorded on Audio: each session will be recorded in a special audio session then will be available on your Listening Salon for indefinite playing and downloads.
  • ​Downloadable ​Transcripts: to enhance your experience of this course's downloadable transcripts are waiting for you, delivering an enhanced experience of this material using new learning muscles to take in the transformation.
Total Value of over $557
Retail Price - $297
Your Experiment Price... ONLY...


15 Days
Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout Protected

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About Your Facilitator Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant: “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” that delivers instant transformation and healing.

For more than two decades, this innovative healing modality has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. Individuals have been able to liberate themselves from old hurts, and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset, and create new neural pathways and patterns of Quantum Wholeness. With almost 1000 STT Practitioners in this unique system, it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real change in extreme times. 

Jennifer also uses powerful energy medicine protocols to assist in establishing real concrete markers of health and physical stability including Sound Vibration, Soul Light laser work, Shamanic Healing Journeys, Attunements and of course her renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

Jennifer has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and is covered in renowned media publications. STT and other healing philosophies are covered in her 5 best selling books and dozens of online healing programs.

PLUS Health Intuitive: Keri Fullmore (For 2 BONUS CLASSES):

After suffering from severe genetic migraines in childhood, a doctor told Keri that it was incurable and would be a lifelong issue. A deep inner voice loudly said “NO” and guided her to how heal it. 

That voice continues to this day and is here now guiding her clients on what actions to take to heal. Keri has studied Traditional Chinese, herbalism and immersed herself in a deep apprenticeship of Native American healing practices and is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. 

Keri can “hear” what’s happening inside a person’s body as the body shares with her the causes of illness. She is quickly able to help individuals access the root cause of their health imbalances. She is also able to blend intuition with holistic health sciences tuning into the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the inner road map for balanced health.

This is NOT A Talking Head Course!

This is a very experiential series... each day you will viscerally experience healing journeys and vibrational shifts layering in the transformation over and over again.

This special healing course is NOT three dimensional or simply five sensory. 

This is going above and beyond that. 

It really is from the inside out, not the outside in. 

The protocols and the formulas are nonlinear in nature. 

They are vibrational, intuitive and frequency in nature.

That’s in part why we anticipate this program will be so powerful and unique, because it's not going to tell you what to do. 

It's going to support you in creating deep profound shifts to a new healthy set point of your neural physiology through vibrational medicine.

You will have new processes and techniques in your toolkit of transforming your weight.

I am so excited to work with you in these powerful sessions,

Enroll here now, and let's get to this.

To your power in vibrational healing,

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Medical Disclaimer
The information provided through McLean Masterworks and its guests is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page or during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.
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